Ready for an excursion?

When setting out into the wilderness-like fell terrain of Saariselkä, it is worth carefully preparing for your excursion. Appropriate clothing, snacks, drinks, a map and a fully charged phone are the essential equipment for all excursions. Below you will find more detailed tips for your trip.

How should I dress and what should I take with me?

Dress according to the weather conditions and warmly enough. Check the weather forecast before setting out on an excursion, and be prepared for quick and sudden weather changes when moving around in the fell areas and wilderness. It is not unusual for weather to suddenly change from sunny to windy and rainy. In addition, the rapid decrease in temperature and occasional hail showers are part of the Lappish summer’s weather phenomena. Therefore, it is good to pack wind and rain- resistant clothing with you. Cycling gloves are also good to carry with you and a helmet is mandatory. If you do not have all the necessary equipment, you can find e.g. high-quality cycling gloves at our store. A helmet is included in the rental of the bike. Remember also to take a map, water bottle and snacks. You can buy a water bottle and snack bars at our store for your excursion needs. It is also worth taking first aid supplies with you. In addition, it is recommended that you stop at the local cafes and restaurants. Spending time outdoors uses a lot of energy and local companies are happy to serve cycling customers.

Take a phone with you!

The emergency number is 112

In an emergency, the 112 Suomi mobile application allows you to be located quicker. Charge your phone battery before your excursion and ensure that the phone does not get wet. Some of the routes are in areas with no phone reception. Phone reception is better in higher places than in valleys and gorges. Leave a plan of longer routes at the equipment hire.

Remember etiquette

  • Consider other users on the route. A faster cyclist is ready to avoid other
  • route users, such as walkers and hikers.
  • Take into account appropriate situational speed, particularly in encounters,
  • but also long downhills.
  • Before encounters, inform of your arrival with a friendly greet.
  • A correct riding style does not wear the terrain or damage the path. Always
  • stay on the path and do not seek an easier riding base by detouring.
  • Avoid lock braking.
  • Do not litter in the nature, bring any rubbish with you.
  • Enjoy spending time in clean nature and remember your obligations too.
  • If you encounter reindeer on the route, pass them calmly and ensure that
  • you do not disturb them in their own living environment.

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